Here at J.A.K.S., we provide quality instruction in Boxing, American Style Karate and Kickboxing. We offer a kid’s class and promote several karate tournaments & kickboxing shows. Our club is a United States Amateur Boxing certified facility that has trained state and national boxing and kickboxing champions. In addition to training competitors, J.A.K.S. also sells martial arts, boxing, & kickboxing equipment.

J.A.K.S. also now offers classes in Aikido. The Aikido class is taught by Sensei Gary Zajac. Sensei Zajac has practiced Aikido for over a dozen years. He is the Associate Instructor and co-founder of Keystone Ki-Aikido. Keystone Ki Aikido is a non-profit, membership-based organization dedicated to the advancement and instruction of aikido.

J.A.K.S. Head Instructor, Grand Master Tom Joerg is a 10th degree Black Belt in American Karate, having begun formal martial arts training while attending the University of South Carolina in 1968. His first studio was established as the first American Karate Style in 1973 in Columbia, SC and later, when he moved back to Central Pennsylvania after graduating from USC, he opened his current studio after purchasing an 1860s six story high, half a block long church building that is now nationally and internationally acclaimed for the numerous events, seminars, and excellent students he has produced. As a nationally and internationally published author on a variety of non-fiction subjects, including Karate, Boxing and Kickboxing, his latest book THE FIRST CHURCH OF JOERG about the extensive history of the those exploits has garnered many favorable reviews.

Instructors such as 3rd Degree Black Belt, and world champion Kickboxer, Heather Joerg, who also was the youngest female Boxing Coach in the USA to be allowed inside the ropes at USA Boxing events such as the Golden Gloves, 5th degree Master Jan Castner, 2nd degree Black Belt Jerry Harmon, 2nd degree Black Belt Sam Rogers, and others teach the Karate classes, while Coaches such as 2 time national heavyweight national champion, Miro Jelev, and noted Boxer Eric Roman help produce marvelous students in the Boxing and Kickboxing classes.

Seminars are offered to individuals and organizations on many subjects, such as Self-Defense, Nutrition, Weight loss, Combat Pistol/Safety, Knife and stick usage, Tournament Fine tuning, and tournament promotion (Grand Master Joerg has promoted over 100 major Karate tournaments, 60 Raging Bull Kickboxing events, and at least 10 Boxing events in the 35 years at the, same location at 43 E. Locust St., Mechanicsburg, PA). He also can excite a crowd with demonstrations, and thrill kids with such in house events as birthday parties.

His many TV appearances teaching martial arts, and his many leadership roles in such organizations as the President of the American Defense Preparedness Association while a Contracting Officer with the Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program working for the Dept. of the Navy have given him deep insights into leadership concepts that he also teaches as a seminar, stressing business applications. Having worked also for the US Small Business Administration for several years before his work with the Dept. of the Navy, and having kept his own business alive and running well for 35 years, he also holds business formation classes on a regular basis.

In other words, the student at JAKS is immersed with not only a great workout physically, with all of the benefits of flexibility, coordination, muscle endurance/toning, physical strength, etc., they will constantly be introduced to intellectual stimulation and a strong winning spirit in any endeavor into which they channel their martial arts.


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